It's summer! Go ahead and treat yourself!

With Fourth of July happening this week, I see summer as halfway over. This means I can give up on the swimsuit body I should have been working on back in the middle to winter and instead focus on treating myself. Sweets? Bring. Them. On. And recently I've come across some delectable treats that I think will satisfy this raging sweet tooth.

Here are my top three:

3. Orange Creme Pop Twinkies - Everything about these is utter perfection. They're nostalgic and the perfect summer flavor combination. It the golden sponge cake that Twinkies are known for, filled with orange creme. They are ten in a box, which is about a serving (JK), and they're only available for a limited time.

2. Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes - I know you think that I've lost my marbles, but Christmas in July is a thing and Little Debbie is totally cashing in on it! These cakes are typically only available around the holiday its name bears, but for the month of July we can stock up. Plus, the box is decked out with a picture of Santa soaking up some sun on the beach.

1. Nestle Toll House Edible Cookie Dough - Are you sitting down? Good, because finding out that you can now eat cookie dough is enough to knock you off of your feet. It's understood that actual cookie dough can make you sick with the raw eggs and uncooked flour. Nestle has found a way to create the same decadence without the risk of salmonella. Spoons up!

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