We all know it's been very hot in Louisiana this summer, but just how hot has it really been?

Well, we've seen some folks bake bread in their mailbox, and now one mom and her son in Louisiana have reportedly baked cookies in their car.

Diana Aucoin and her son in Hathaway, La put a sheet of raw cookie dough on the dashboard of her vehicle and allowed them to sit there until they were cooked.

Yes, it is that hot here and that hot in your vehicle that you can now bake things from the inside of your vehicle.


It took about five hours for the cookies to thoroughly cook from the inside of the car, but they did reach that point after several hours of sitting in the vehicle.

If anything, this should be a great reminder of how hot it really gets in your vehicle during the summer months. Again, please do not leave anyone or anything in your vehicle during the brutal summer months in the South.

Now, back to the cookies in the car, not only did Diana and her son get what looks like delicious cookies, but I bet it smelled delicious in her vehicle for days.

Does anyone else want to try this? And if so, let us know how it goes, and feel free to submit the final product.


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