We are all looking for ways to lower the temperature in our home this summer and one simple trick with your blinds could be a game changer.

This summer has been very challenging for many when it comes to cooling down the house and we're all willing to try anything if it means dropping the temperature inside.

Well, one person on social media noticed that the temperature in his home dropped drastically when he did this to the blinds in his windows.

The guy in the video, which you can see below, claims that pointing the blinds UP lowered the temperature in his home by eight degrees.


Sure, like many of you, I too think that the blinds look better when pointing down, but if positioning them upwards helps keep the heat out of a room, I am willing to sacrifice the looks of the blinds position.

When the blinds in your house are pointing up, it directs the sunlight upwards and does not allow the UV rays to heat up the floor in your home. If you can keep the floor in your home a bit cooler, it is a lot easier to cool your house.

If you haven't tried this you may want to with just a few weeks left in summer.

In contrast, during the winter it would be smart to have your blinds pointing down again so that you can warm the floor in your house, thus making it easier to warn your home.

Here's the viral video of the guy positioning his blinds in his house for the summer.


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