The heat has been on and many here in south Louisiana have had enough of the extreme temperatures.

For weeks we've had an area of high pressure sitting over us, thus preventing any rain from moving in to cool things down.

Heat advisories have become a norm this summer and with that, some say it has resulted in people "being on edge."

I will note here that since this heat wave started in early July, we've seen more and more bizarre behavior out in public, and perhaps the heat in Louisiana has caused some to say or do things that they normally would not do. 


So, a baker got clever this summer and this message was seen on a small cake.

The message is right to the point and it comes in the form of an apology. The message on the cake acknowledges that something may have been said, but it is a direct result of the temperature.

We have someone who works with us here that has stated for years that the heat makes people "act the fool" and he may be right.

Like you, I too have heard people say things that I've never heard them say, and the heat may be causing some to regret a few words.

Here's the cake that many have been sharing and I think that many can relate to this message.


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