Nothing is safe during his heat wave in Louisiana.

For weeks we have been reminding you to take care of yourself and others during this heat wave and now we need to address another potential problem.

During much of the summer, you've probably limited the amount of time you and your pets are exposed to the outdoor elements, and now it is time to address the plants that you may have near or around your home.

A recent post on social media has gone viral after someone shared a photo of what appeared to be a small fire on a porch and into a yard.

We all know how dry it is here, thus that is why Louisiana is under a Burn Ban, and any small fire can turn into a huge problem.


In the viral photo, which you can see below, you see that the porch and the grass were torched, but it's what reportedly started the fire that has the attention of thousands on social media.

According to the viral post on Facebook, the fire all started after a plant and the soil was exposed to the sun and heat.

No, the plant itself didn't just combust, but the pot soiling in the pot did. Yes, fertilizer is very flammable and after being exposed to the extreme heat for a long time, it can catch fire, and it did here.

Fertilizer that contains ammonium nitrate is flammable and this is something we all need to be aware of as the temperatures soar this summer.

So, we are reminding you during this heat wave to not leave fertilizer out in the sun and if it is exposed for a lengthy period of time make sure it is not near your home.

Sadly, we are experiencing record-breaking temperatures in the south and there doesn't appear to be much relief in the immediate forecast. So, please take of yourself and others during this unprecedented time.

Here's a photo of the aftermath of the fire that all started with potting soil.

Since this photo went viral, others shared their experience with potting soil combusting, and here's another photo shared on social media that shows a small fire, that started when the soil caught fire.


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