Multiple reports say that after a nearly four-decade long run, Klondike has decided to discontinue the popular "Choco Taco". As many online voice their displeasure with the company's call, some wonder if the sweet and chocolatey ice cream treat will ever return.

Credit: Klondike
Credit: Klondike

Reports say that the ever-popular "Choco Taco" ice cream made by Klondike will no longer be available for consumers to purchase. Apparently, the company has had too big of a demand for their other products over recent years which led them to the decision to say goodbye to the ice cream filled taco-treat.

Is the "Choco Taco" really gone forever?

Some on social media were so shocked by the reports, they reached out to Klondike directly. See a post from Andrew Webber on Facebook with a screenshot of his correspondence with the company below.

While Klondike was kind enough to provide an explanation for the "Chaco Taco" lover, their decision has still left many online disappointed.

Internet Reacts to the "Chaco Taco" Being Discontinued

See reactions to the news coming from Twitter below.

New Orleans native and Red Beans & Rice connoseiur @snowlikejonn had a lot to say about the decision.

Others online were just as upset.

Folks like @alexisohanian reached out to Klondike's parent company to inquire about buying the rights to the "Chaco Taco".

Hopefully, a deal like this can get done so that "Chaco Taco" can live on.

If I were a betting man, which I am, I'd say that Klondike will hold onto the "Chaco Taco" and re-release it at some point in the future in order to create a buzz. In the meantime, if you see a pack of "Chaco Taco"s at the store, make sure to snag them as it may be your last oppurtunity.

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