I love trying new recipes out and when those recipes include something sweet I tend to love them even more. 

However, I think there are limits to what should be done to food and this recipe may fall into that category. I came across this story a few days ago and well I am not sure that I would try this out. 

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Summers are hot and on really hot days ice cream is the best way to cool down. One business in Las Vegas, Creamberry, is helping its customers cool down with this new sweet and salty treat. 

Ok so here it is… Ice cream, cotton candy, candy pieces of your choice, frozen mango chunks, spicy Tajin seasoning, and a whole dill pickle, wrapped up in something like a tortilla. 

Now Creamberry is known for their Cotton Candy Burritos but this is something else entirely. On one hand, I get the sour and sweet mix, I am just not sure if the pickle goes with the rest of the ingredients, especially the cotton candy. 

Creamberry is located at 7965 S Rainbow Blvd #140, Las Vegas, NV 89139. If you are heading out to Las Vegas in the near future I would suggest stopping by Creamberry to check out what they have to offer. I know I have added it to my bucket list of places to visit.

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