October is in full swing. Halloween is just around the corner, but there's something lingering in the air. The pure anticipation. You can hear Mariah Carey beginning her thaw-out process...Christmas season will be here before you know it.

Do you know what that means? Holiday flavored ice cream.

Blue Bell is bringing back a holiday flavor that screams Christmas...Peppermint Bark.

Usually, around this time of year, Blue Bell begins rolling out Christmas/Holiday flavors so this is right on time to quench that lingering hunger for Christmas in a gallon.

You either love mint-flavored things or think they taste like toothpaste. But to sweeten the bowl, they added chocolate chunks into the mix.

They're also adding their limited edition Peppermint Bark mugs as a part of the ice cream rollout.

Everybody loves Christmas, but there always seems to be a rush on Christmas-flavored things. They get released earlier and earlier every year. Where are the autumn/Halloween flavors??

Peppermint Bark might have some competition with another flavor that hasn't been released from the vault yet. Get on it, Blue Bell!

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