One great memory as a kid is when we'd go to a relative's home to visit and they'd break out the hand-cranked ice cream machine.

That meant that, right after lunch, we'd be having a delicious frozen treat (and a sore arm!).

So where do kids today make these great memories? Well, we went to social media to find out.

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Mindi LeBlanc posted this to the group:

ISO the best place near Lafayette to bring kids for ICE CREAM!

Mindi wanted to find all the great places around Lafayette to share ice cream with the kiddos.

Without looking at the post, the places that first came to my mind are probably some of the same places that will come to your mind.


The first three that popped into my head were: Borden's on Johnston, Hershey's/Great American Cookie on Johnston, and Candyland Cottage in Scott.

Being one who is always up for trying something new, I was very interested in reading the responses to LeBlanc's question.

For kids, I would think that Candyland Cottage in Scott would be #1 on the list, as it is clear to see that they gear most everything in the store toward children. And, judging by the faces of the kids I see in Candyland Cottage, it's the perfect place.

Also, Borden's has a great retro look and feel which, I believe, fascinated children. I remember a sweet moment I witnessed at Borden's. A young girl around 5 years old was in there with her grandparents. She wanted a banana split and, when they brought it to the table, her face lit up. She was tiny, and I knew that she'd never be able to eat that whole thing, but it was what came out of her mouth that provided this memory for me.

She asked her grandmother, "Mom-mom, is this where your daddy used to take you for ice cream?". The smile that came across the grandmother's face was priceless as began to tell the story of her first memory of having ice cream at Borden's with her dad. It was a sweet moment.

One of the recommendations was for Emmy's in Broussard and, until today, I had not heard of this place, so now it's on my list of places to try.

In the recommendation for Emmy's, the person posting said that there is a special little place for the kids, so that makes it a perfect answer to LeBlanc's ISO question.

I did a quick (and probably not precise) count while reading through the comments so you don't have to and came up with this list of the best places to take kids for ice cream in (or near) Lafayette.

via Google Street View

Borden's on Johnston Street and Emmy's in Broussard were the top 2 recommended ice cream shops in the comments section.

Borden's is on Johnston Street at its intersection with Jefferson Street near Downtown Lafayette.

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Emmy's is on Albertson's Parkway in Broussard, not far from its intersection with S. Morgan.

I've been to Borden's on several occasions and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for good ice cream and treats made with ice cream. Emmy's, on the other hand, just made it onto my radar today, so a trip there will happen soon.

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Close behind them was Candyland Cottage (locations in Scott and Rayne). I've not visited the Rayne location, but the kids will love the Scott location. So many treats to choose from and you can check out the largest gummy bear around.

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The next place on the list is another ice cream shop that I didn't know existed: Chill House in Maurice.

Chill House is just past Maurice on Highway 167 in a strip mall called Maurice Plaza. They have ice cream, lots of toppings, baked goods and other snacks, teas, and coffees.

The Chill House Facebook page also shows that they host events aimed at kids, so it sounds like a fun place.

Those are the top four that were recommended in the post on the Foodies of Lafayette Facebook page.

Jammin' Java on Verot School Road at its intersection with Fortune was next on the list, followed by Baskin-Robbins on Johnston, Andy's on Kaliste Saloom or Sugar Mill Pond, and Southern Roll Creamery.

From what I gather, Southern Roll Creamery is a mobile ice cream shop based in New Iberia, but they will come to you. They also post pop-up locations on their Facebook page.

Now you have a mission: visit ALL of the great ice cream shops around Acadiana, and bring the kiddos.

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