God Found In Eggplant
When a worker at a restaurant in Baton Rouge cut into an eggplant, he noticed that the seed formation spelled GOD.
JayCee's Tiny Farm
Earlier this year, I posted pictures of the vegetable plant boxes that I made from plans I found online.  I decided to plant tomatoes in them.  Well, here are the results.
How To Tell If A Watermelon Is Ripe [VIDEO]
This summer, you may find yourself in your favorite grocery store trying to decide how to tell which one of the hundreds of watermelons in front of you is the ripest, there are two ways to find the sweetest ripest one for your family.
Vegetarians Live Longer
A large-scale study has determined that vegetarians live longer than people who eat meat.  I guess when your parents told you to eat your vegetables, they knew what they were talking about.
Debbie Ray Cooks
I learned to make vegetable soup from my Mom and it's one of only a handful of things I cook. Mom never used frozen or canned vegetables and neither do I. (I did add one ingredient to my version, though.) We eat it year-round, but it's especially good on a cold or rainy day, and a nice alt…
Record Setting Pumpkin
If ever there were a great and almighty pumpkin put on this earth to bring the spirit of the Halloween season to children all over the world, it would be this record-setting melon discovered last week at the Deerfield Fair in New Hampshire.

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