You still have time to get your vegetable garden started in South Louisiana.

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According to the LSU Ag Center's Vegetable Planting Guide, many of our favorite vegetables should be planted in March. Beans, cucumbers, okra, tomatoes, peppers - so many vegetables can be planted now.

For some of the vegetables, you might be a few days late to start from seed, but many vegetable seedlings can be transplanted into your garden now.

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Here's a tip to help prevent root rot: save eggshells from your breakfast. Once you get a few saved up, dry them in the oven at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes. Once they cool, crush them up, and then add about a teaspoon into each hole where you plant your tomatoes. The crushed-up eggshells will help prevent blossom end rot and root rot. The eggshells will also add calcium to the soil.

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The Farmer's Almanac also has a vegetable planting guide for our area, along with some great tips to help your garden thrive.

Follow the guidelines offered by the LSU Ag Center and the Farmer's Almanac and you'll soon be on your way to delicious,  fresh, homegrown vegetables!

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