Your rose bushes are probably getting a last-minute burst of blooms before winter. Have you heard how you can make tons more rose bushes using potatoes? That's right, if you like your rose bushes and want more, don't run to the store for more rose bushes—go to the store for potatoes instead. Potatoes are cheaper!

There is a popular rose bush plant hack that continues to explode on social media every year. If you haven't heard about it, here's how it works.

Rooting Rose Bush Cuttings

  1. Take a cutting from your current rose bush(s).
  2. Peel a potato (white or red potatoes work best).
  3. Hollow out a hole in the potato using a knife or drill bit (make sure the hole is a little smaller in diameter than the rose cutting).
  4. Insert one end of the cutting into the hole in the potato.
  5. Plant the whole potato.
  6. Cut off the bottom of a water bottle and place the water bottle over the rose bush stalk.
  7. Keep moist.

Rooting Rose Bush Cuttings (Alternate Easier Method)

Wrap the bottom of the rose clipping in wet newspaper and plastic from a zip-lock bag.

Place the cutting in the potato, newspaper end first.

Wrap the potato in aluminum foil.

In three weeks, your rose bush cuttings should have roots and new sprouts.

Using one or both of these rose bush rooting methods will save you money and give you exceptional gardening gratification. If kept out of extremely cold conditions, by spring of next year your new plants will be ready to plant in your outdoor spaces electrifying your garden with the most beautiful rose bushes in your neighborhood.

(Dig It, My Garden Channel)

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