You can build your own planter boxes for your vegetable plants for around $20 each.

My dad had an elaborate garden for years, but now, at his age, maintaining a garden is too much work.  A few years ago, my uncle sent him plans for building vegetable planter boxes, which allows for growing a garden without the work of tilling or digging, and with little maintenance!

I built both of these boxes in less than an hour, and the total cost for the materials was $38 at Stine Lumber.

Photo by JC; 999ktdy
Photo by JC; 999ktdy


The reason that I need/want planter boxes? ...Dogs!

Our dogs stay in the back yard during the day, and they LOVE vegetable plants (and the neighbor's cat 'visits' at night, and she likes to dig, too!).  With the planter boxes, I can position them easily for best sun, and (with the crazy weather we have been having) I can easily bring them into the garage so that they don't get too much rain or cold.

Materials needed for the boxes include:

2 storage boxes (I like the Rubbermaid boxes), PVC pipe, garbage bag or plastic sheeting, potting soil, vegetable plants, a drill (or punch, or scissors) and a saw (or have your PVC cut at the store).

This instructional video will take you through the steps, and put you on your way to growing your own pesticide-free, GMO-free, organic food!



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