When a worker at a restaurant in Baton Rouge cut into an eggplant, he noticed that the seed formation spelled DOG.  Then he turned it up-side down and found GOD.

Well, I don't know if it was up-side down or right-side up when he found it, but, as you can see from the picture, the seeds line up to spell the word GOD.

According to WAFB:

Chef Jermarcus Brady couldn't believe what he was seeing. "I saw a miraculous image formed by the seeds," said Jermarcus Brady. "It spelled out the word God!"


According to the story, it's an Italian restaurant.  You know, Italy - where they keep the Vatican.  Coincidence?  You tell me.

I wonder if the GOD eggplant (or Eggplant) went into a casserole.  Maybe it got fried and put on a bed of arugula with fresh Parmesan and a hint of lemon.  Who knows.


(Via WAFB)



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