A treasure was found off the coast of Florida.

An ancient sword was found just yards off the coast in Florida, and now the person who found it hopes to have it appraised.

Patty Sacco says that her husband was looking for shells about 30 yards from the beach in Pensacola, Florida when he saw a portion of the sword protruding from the sand.

Being that the water was so clear at the time, he was able to grab it, not knowing what he was about to discover, and pull it up.


When he did, Patty's husband had this sword in his hand. Yes, it was buried in the sand just yards from the beach, and there is no telling how old it is.

They do hope to have it assessed as is, they do not have plans to attempt to clean it as they are in fear of damaging this "treasure."

So, if you are going to be in the Florida panhandle in the weeks ahead, keep your eyes open while in the water, you never know what you may come across.

Check out this discovery and what do you think it is worth?


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