When people are on vacation they can do some silly things, and that is what one man did here.

A viral video shows a man in shallow water approaching a large shark, then turning and heading towards a school of sharks in the shallow water.

What he does next is not very smart.

The swimmer dives into the water and swims directly towards the sharks. Now, he says that the sharks nearby are hammerheads, that are not known to be aggressive, but to startle them in their environment just doesn't seem smart.


One person who commented on the video below says that he may have had some liquid courage in him when he did this, but that doesn't justify what this man did.

So, in the months ahead when you're at the beach or out in the Gulf, don't do what you see this mad do here. Regardless of the type of sharks, it is never wise to approach them or startle them.

Animals that are not known to be aggressive can turn on you if they feel threatened and may indeed get aggressive if they feel the need to defend themselves.

Here's one brave. but not a smart man, approaching and swimming with sharks.


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