Two Texas beaches have made the list of Best Nudes Beaches in the United States, and now some may be considering a trip to see what it's all about.

Summer is here and temperatures are on the rise, thus many of us are looking for ways to cool off. Some of us are looking to dive into the water, while some are taking their clothing off, before getting into the water. has come out with their list of the best nude beaches, and two of Lone Star State's beaches are atop the list, and yes they are legal in Texas.

The two Texas beaches on the list for Best Nude Beaches aren't far from San Antonio, but did you know that Texas has SIX nude beaches within its borders?

If you are wondering how these beaches are even legal, well there are warning signs on beaches that notify visitors of nudity, thus the intent to arouse is dismissed.

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If you or "someone you know" is looking for nude beaches in Texas they are located here: Hippie Hollow (Austin), Barton Springs Pool (Austin), Emerald Lake Resort (Porter), UFO Beach (SPI), Bolivar/McFaddin Nude Beach (High Island), and Padre Island National Seashore.

Now, let's get to the two Texas beaches on the Best of List and we'll start with "Hippie Hollow" near Austin. This beach tanked 10th on the list and is 30 miles west of downtown Austin. And yes, you must be 18 years old or older to visit this beach. Hippie Hollow is open daily from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The other Texas beach on the Best of List is "UFO Beach," which is located on South Padre Island. Located about 7-8 miles north of South Padre Island, UFO Beach is secluded, and topless sunbathing seems to be allowed there despite beach patrol.

For those wondering where the BEST nude beach is in the U.S., according to the website it is in Haulover Beach Park, Florida.

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To see the complete list of beaches click HERE.


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