Thousands of Louisianians flock to beaches in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida each summer to spend their time relaxing, playing on the beach, and soaking up some sun.

Most of the time when you visit a beach on the Gulf Coast, you can tell who else is from Louisiana by all of the UL Lafayette and LSU gear that people are wearing or displaying.

Whether you bring that type of gear with you or not, there are probably other items you might bring with you from home that you would consider your comfort items. The items that make you happy and you just have to have with you when going on your beach vacation.

Beach Brush
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What If You Had to Pick Just One Item as Being Most Important?

It might be very difficult for you to decide what that one item would be that would top your list, you know, the one item you couldn't live without while at the beach! What is the one thing that a Cajun person has to take to the beach? We asked you that question.

As always, you did not disappoint with your answers.

#7 Music

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Whether you love current chart toppers, Cajun, Zydeco, or songs from your childhood. Music made the list at #7.

Music moves people, and music is an integral part of life in South Louisiana. We breathe it in, we live it and we love it. It's part of our soul!

Whether it's the old CD player with batteries or all the great new technology, the music you bring to the beach is the soundtrack for an excellent trip!

#6 Community Coffee

Community Coffee
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This makes perfect sense to anyone who lives in South Louisiana. For everyone who loves coffee in the morning or even in the evening after dinner, other coffee just can't compare.

Imagine how rough it would feel in the morning without a cup of that strong, delicious coffee. Let's face it, everything is better in South Louisiana, so sorry to the rest of America....not sorry!

Whether it's dark roast, medium roast, the Cafe' Special, the All-American Classic, or the Breakfast Blend, this coffee is something many of you said you can't live without at the beach.

#5 Louisiana Sports-Themed Items

LSU UL Lafayette House Divided Flag
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Hey, straight up, it's a badge of honor to be from Louisiana, and whether you root for LSU or UL Lafayette, both or another team, there is no chance you won't see tons of Louisiana sports-themed items at the beach.

Not only is it about pride for Louisiana and the teams we love, but it's a way to spot all your friends up and down the beach.

Not only do we use these items to find other people from Louisiana, it makes for good food exchanges. How many times have you been grilling something at a condo on the beach next to another person from Louisiana? You try some of their food, and they try some of yours; it's just part of who we are.

#4 Seasoning

Tony Chachere & Slap You Mama
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Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but South Louisiana has the best food on the planet. No survey could dissuade us from thinking this. In our area, we know the best food is truly to be found in Acadiana.

When heading to the beach, seasoning for the food we make while we are there is an absolute must. Each person has their personal favorite and trying to have a conversation with someone about the "best" seasoning is tantamount to starting a fight.

No self-loving Cajun is headed anywhere on vacation without their favorite seasoning. Sure, there is good food in the world, but nothing compares to the food we create. We are masters at the trade.

#3 Magnalite Pot

Magnalite Pot
Community Home Health Gumbo Cook-Off (Staff Photo)

If you live in South Louisiana, you completely understand why you have to haul a big 'ole heavy Magnalite pot to the beach. The food isn't going to taste the same without it.

Plain and simple, several people told us that it doesn't matter how hot it is at the beach, making gumbo is a staple for their vacation.

Plenty of people like to bring the pot so they cook in the morning, and have stuff ready to eat all day long. They told us they cook gumbo, red beans, and rice, steak with rice and gravy, and pork with smothered potatoes. These sure beat sandwiches.

#2 Boudin

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

If you are going to the beach, you have to bring the boudin. Yes, they sell boudin in Florida, which is fine, but why not bring something you know, love, and trust?

Many people wrote the number 1 thing to bring to the beach is boudin. Whether it's Billy's, Don's, Best Stop, or another, you know that no good beach trip is going to be successful without some.

Whether it's breakfast, lunch, a snack, dinner, or maybe all of those, those ice chests full of boudin just bring wholesome goodness to your beach experience.

Before we get to our Number 1 selection we have to offer an Honorable Mention!

Honorable Mention Goes to Evangeline Maid Bread

Evangeline Maid Bread
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If you decide to have sandwiches, you better bring that Evangeline Maid Bread!

Many people said they do not go to the beach without making sure they have packed the Evangeline Maid! Whether you are going to put boudin and Steen's syrup on that bread or you just need to make a grilled cheese sandwich, the mighty Evangeline MUST be there.

And what would any great breakfast at the beach be without a delicious toast with Evangeline Maid Bread?

#1 BEER!!!

Huge Ass Beer
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I think I have seen this guy in the above picture driving down the street at Orange Beach!

With all of the answers that we received to our question, the most responses came from people who said the first and most important thing on their list was beer.

Beer at the Beach
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No matter whether you love Natural Lite, some Bud, or Michelob Ultra, it's obvious we can't live without our beer when we head to the beach. And, there is nothing wrong with that.

A good, cold beer on a hot summer day with the waves crashing in and the skies sparkling blue, is the perfect recipe for a great day!

Now, that you have read the top answers, do you agree, or do you disagree? Did we miss something? It is never too late to check the question on our Facebook page and tell your top item.

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