Humans may do a lot of things differently these days, but there's one thing that remains intact...the the desire of having someone special for life's most private and intimate moments. That all starts with the courting process. When a guy's courting a woman who's caught his eye, it's up to him to make sure he does what it takes to catch hers. There is a controversial accessory that women claim makes a man stand out.

A recent study conducted by sexual wellness brand Royal finds that the majority of women surveyed find men who wear masks sexier than those who don't. The study surveyed adult women, 88 percent of whom found that men who wear masks in public are sexier than those that don't. That includes the man they're currently dating or married to.

The CEO of Royal, Neil Mehta, says he believes women find men who wear masks sexier is because it shows that these men are willing to do something that they might see as a sign of weakness to keep other people safe. Public health and sexual wellness experts are also encouraging the wearing of masks during sex as the pandemic continues.

Guys, the target may be the same, but the approach is different in 2020. Before March of this year, no one would have thought of wearing a mask other than at Holloween. Today a mask is a dating accessory. Mask up!


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