Doctors are warning of a possible 'twindemic' after the first documented case of 'Flurona' was discovered. 'Flurona' is the simultaneous infection of both the coronavirus and influenza. And in just under two weeks after being officially reported in Israel, it's been in the United States since 2020.

The first known case of 'Flurona' in the United States, doctors now believe, was in February of 2020 when a man walked into a Pro-Health Urgent Car center in Queens, New York. The man had just come from a conference and had become very ill.

Doctors at the center ran tests for influenza which turned out positive. But before clinic staff took off their protective gear, one of the doctors ordered a COVID-19 test. COVID was new to the world then.

It turned out that the man, who had just come from a conference, had not only the influenza virus but the coronavirus as well. Turned out, the man's wife and two kids were also infected.

That was the first 'unofficial' documented case of 'Flurona' in the United States.

Nearly two weeks ago, officials in Israel reported the first official case of 'Flurona'. An unvaccinated pregnant woman with difficulty breathing walked into the Bellinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, Israel. She was diagnosed with both the influenza virus and coronavirus simultaneously.

Her case is the official documented case of a person having both viruses but doctors warn at 'Flurona' is here in the United States and could cause a 'twindemic' in the coming months.

It is important to know that if you have difficulty breathing and your doctor diagnoses you with either the flu or coronavirus, that he/or she also test you for the other. Both are viral and attack the upper respiratory tract.

The Health Ministry is now studying data on 'Flurona'.

Reuters noted the rising coronavirus cases in Isreal despite the majority of the population being vaccinated. Israel is seeing an average of over 2300 new cases per day.

'Flurona' is the slang word for the new coinfection variant. The new variant currently has no official name.

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