(Oklahoma City) For one Oklahoma City family, COVID-19 has made their lives a living hell. Michael Stevenson lost his father to COVIC-19 in April and yet refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine himself because he thought the vaccine allowed the federal government to track those who took it. August 3, four months later, Michael is dead too.

Michael Stevenson, 50, a father of three, died of COVID-19 in a Florida (relocated for work) hospital after refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Michael's ex-wife Melinda Young (who still lives in Oklahoma City) told KFOR News that her ex-husband thought healthcare workers were working with the federal government for the biggest conspiracy this country's ever seen. He thought the COVID-19 vaccine was a way for the government to track people.

A lot of people think the shot is how they were going to track people, [that] the government tracks people or they're trying to take too much control. -Melinda Young to KFOR News

She said Michael thought the government was inflating COVID death numbers even after his own father died from the virus.

Within 48 hours of being admitted, he wished he would have got the shotbecause he was already that miserable. His body was hurting. He couldn't breathe. He wished he would have gotten it. -Melinda Young to KFOR News

Stevenson was put on a ventilator as he fought for his life.

We thought he was gonna make it. We thought he was gonna make it. -Melinda Young to KFOR News

Michael's wife of over two decades had to make the decision to take him off the ventilator.

It was the worst thing I've ever done in my life. -Melinda Young to KFOR News

One of Micheal's sons, who had initially refused to take the vaccine following in the footsteps of his dad and grandfather, decided to take the shot after his father's death.

The family doesn't want Micheal's death to be in vain. They are urging everyone to get vaccinated.

Don't do it for you. because it's the people that love you that you need to research, do your homework, to see why you need that shot.. -Melinda Young to KFOR News

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