Covid cases may be on the rise however, there is hope coming from the FDA this morning.

Almost two years into dealing with covid we now have access to covid testing, vaccines, booster shots, Paxlovid- an antiviral covid-19 pill, and now another drug has just been approved by the FDA to help fight covid-19.

U.S. health regulators have authorized a second pill to help fight covid-19. The Merck drug called Molnupiravir was approved this morning for use in adults who have early symptoms of covid-19. This drug will help those who face the highest risks of hospitalizations, mainly those who are older and individuals who have an underlying health condition.
While health officials believe that the Pfizer pill that was approved yesterday will be a better option to fighting covid-19 symptoms this is still a massive step in the right direction.

The FDA did say that Molnupiravir will carry a warning against use during pregnancy. It was stated that women of childbearing age should use birth control while taking this pill for a few days whereas men should use birth control for at least three months after their final dose of the medication. These restrictions were expected after an FDA advisory panel only narrowly endorsed the drug last month, warning that its use would have to be strictly tailored to patients who can benefit the most from it.

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