We all see weird Ring doorbell camera footage being shared around the internet all the time, but this one might be the oddest yet.

The video posted to Reddit by user SwingsetSuperman, shows what honestly looks like a miniature fleet of UFOs flying around by his front door.

I know that sounds crazy, and I'm not saying I think it's a fleet of miniature UFOs. The more I watch this video, the more confused I get about what I'm actually seeing.

Obviously the most likely explanation is that what we're seeing in the video are bugs. Seems very reasonable right? It's just that, I've never seen any bugs that move like this.

Whatever this is seem to move together, yet independently.

Another strange thing about this is, as you can see, the things flying around leave little trails, or tracers, sort of like lights.

Reddit user Eder_Cheddar says -

"Yeah. Super weird. Before I go off the deep end, it just seems like coordinated movement.

If fireflies flew into a spiderweb, i doubt they'd all collectively tell one another to "make a left. Now go straight. Crap... back up back up"

Pretty darn good thinking, the only problem is that fireflies don't live in the area of Southern California where this video was shot according to the original poster.

User Goldeniccarus posted to Reddit -

“They move kind of in tandem, a level of coordination you wouldn’t expect from bugs. From that is assume they were maybe bugs that were stuck together somehow, like on a spiderweb fluttering in the breeze, but the movements don’t really look like that, too smooth, and not quite like they’re being blown by wind. So I dunno, you’re probably haunted. Get a young priest and an old priest and all that.”

My best guess is that what we're seeing are bugs that appear to be moving oddly because the video speed is slowed down. I don't really believe that, but I'm making myself believe it before I drive myself cray cray.

What do YOU think this is?

Ring Doorbell Footage - Bugs? Spiderwebs? I was directed here after posting this as a comment in r/Ghosts from r/HighStrangeness

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