This is absolutely heartbreaking.

A young boy in Amarillo, Tx. was spotted on a door cam as he went door-to-door looking for friends.

Shayden Walker was looking for friends between the ages of 11 and 12 when this Texas couple saw him on their camera.

The young boy in the viral video asked the homeowner here if they have kids and that is when he informed him he does, but she is only 2 years old.

Walker understood and went on to compliment small kids, it's at this point that you can tell this kid has a great heart.

Knowing that the young boy doesn't have many friends, the homeowners who conversed with him via their doorbell camera started a GoFundMe for him.

Their intention was to raise $7,000 for him so that he could get a gaming device and needs for school, Well, once this video went viral, they ended up raising over $37,000 for this young boy.

Check out the moment this young boy rang a doorbell looking for a friend, and likely found a few for a lifetime.

What a special moment.

Since this above video has gone viral, the couple who recorded this conversation has provided some updates to the story and you can see them below.

Check out when the couple who answered the doorbell camera got to meet the young boy who came to their house looking for a friend.


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