There's a new Hulu original docuseries called "Sasquatch" out now, and if you want to learn about the possibly darker side of the Bigfoot lore, this is exactly what you've been looking for.

Hulu's "Sasquatch", spread out over three episodes, is streaming now. The film describes itself as "Too incredible to be true. Too crazy to be made up."

That is probably the best description they could have possibly given it.


The docuseries centers around investigative journalist David Holthouse. Holthouse claims that in the Summer of 1993 he spent a few days at a marijuana farm located in Northern California's Emerald Triangle. During his stay he claims he was told a story about three pot farm workers were gruesomely ripped limb from limb in a Bigfoot attack.

Filmmaker David Holthouse tells "I put myself in some very dangerous places in the making of this show".

I know, it's a pot farm, and we're talking about a triple homicide in which a Bigfoot killed three pot farm workers.

Just for fun, stay with me here.


From -

"Holthouse, who has built a career on dangerous embedded reporting, remembers a group of men barging into the cabin and announcing that they'd just found the bodies of three farm workers torn to shreds and that the killer was a Bigfoot. Nearly 30 years later, Holthouse and Rofé set out to learn the truth about what did or didn't happen on that dark and stormy night in one of the most impenetrable places in the country."

As you've probably figured out, "Sasquatch" is not your typical "Finding Bigfoot" type docuseries. Even if the idea of Bigfoot isn't your thing, "Sasquatch" is something you still may want to check out because, there's a whole lot more going on here.

This is a history, murder mystery, and paranormal film all in one in which three men were torn apart limb by limb by a Bigfoot. Or, maybe it was drug kingpins. Or, maybe it never even happened.

Could this be the beginning of "The Bigfoot Defense" where people blame Bigfoot for the crimes they commit? I kind of hope so if I'm being honest.

So, if you want to twist your brain inside out and watch something a little different, actually, something very different, check out "Sasquatch" on Hulu and...sleep tight!

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