An owner of two French bulldogs has shared a video that has people wondering why a ball his dogs were playing with, made an unusual move...all by itself.

The dog owner took his two pups to Salthouse Pet Boarding and Freedom Parks. The facility is indoors.

The dogs were playing as normal dogs would. The smaller dog starts to chase a ball. The ball is going in a straight line as the dog runs behind it, when all of a sudden, for no obvious reason, the ball abruptly turns oddly and quickly to the right. The dog is even caught off guard by its action.

The ball was not attached to a string, there is no lump in the grass, no one pushed it and there was no air conditioning vent nearby.

Brad Goldman
"Could just have been caused by wind or by a fan."

Chris Nilsson
"Clearly the dog bit too hard on the rubbery ball and that's why the ball flew out of its mouth. No ghosts involved."

The owner of Salthouse Pet Boarding and Freedom Parks showed the video to her partner. He said he sometimes sees "figures" in the farmhouse. He had never shared that information before.

The owner has taken the post off social media due to the number and content of some of the comments.

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