This month marks the 75 year of balloon debris recovery near a ranch in Corona, New Mexico. We all know it today as the Roswell incident. In 1947 United States Army Air Forces officers from Roswell Army Air Field discovered the debris and we haven't stopped talking about aliens since. Even celebrities claim they've seen unidentified flying objects (UFO). One of those celebrities is Miley Cyrus.

In a 2020 interview with Rick Owens from Interview magazine, Cyrus says not only was she chased by a UFO, but she also made eye contact.

I did see a being sitting in the front of the flying object. It looked at me and we made eye contact. -Miley Cyrus to Rick Owens of Interview magazine

Miley told Owens she was with a friend driving through San Bernardino and was chased down by a UFO.

Cyrus described the UFO as looking like a "flying snowplow". The plow was in front of it and the object had a yellow glow.

The singer and actress claims her friend saw it as well. She said there were only a few other cars on the road that night and they stopped to look at the mysterious flying object as well.

Cyrus had a tough time dealing with the experience and says she can't really look up into the sky, to this day, in the same way, she did before seeing the UFO.

Miley said it was so weird but at no point did she feel threatened.

 Other celebrities who believe in Aliens:

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