Comedian Jay Leno is not having a November to remember. Not only was the popular entertainer injured in a garage fire earlier this month he has now been involved in a car crash with a police car just days after being released from the hospital. 

If you weren't aware the former host of TV's Tonight Show suffered serious burns in a small fire at his home garage on November 12th. From what was reported, the 72-year-old comedian underwent two surgical procedures. The worst of the injuries were confined to the comedian's face and feet. He was released from the hospital on November 21st.

Following his release, Leno released pictures of himself and the hospital staff. In the photos, you can see signs of a burn injury to his face. But for the most part, Leno released the pictures as a way to quell rumors among his fans and most importantly to offer a sincere thank you to the healthcare professionals that treated him.

As you might imagine, Leno, who always seems to be performing somewhere was itching to get back on stage, and less than a week following his release from the hospital he was booked to play The Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach California. It was on the way to that gig that Leno found himself involved in a crash with a police car, no less.

According to reports, Leno was driving his Tesla with his wife Mavis in the passenger's seat when the right rear tire of his car struck a police Jeep. There were no officers in the Jeep at the time but they were standing near the vehicle when the crash occurred.

Apparently, the crash was really much ado about nothing as the police vehicle sustained no damage, and there appeared to be no damage to Leno's Tesla. As far as any injuries are concerned there were none reported from the crash but from what we understand "Leno really killed them in the club". Here you can see for yourself.

According to Ticketmaster Leno's performance schedule in the coming weeks will include shows in Sparks Nevada, New Buffalo Michigan, and Englewood New Jersey.

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