Harry Styles was in total discomfort after being hit with a bottle in a very sensitive area of his body while standing in front of a sold-out arena in Chicago but continued the show by saying into the microphone, "Ok, shake it off."

Harry Styles' "Love On Tour 2022" tour rolled into the Windy City in Styles style and the fans loved it. Harry has been known to stop and talk to the audience and the Chicago show was true to form. Expect, in Chicago, during his talk someone slung a bottle at the singer that hit him in the groin.

It was obvious from his reaction that the bottle hit him in a sensitive area as he showed discomfort. Styles told the crowd, "Now that's unfortunate".

Harry Styles Hit in the Groin on Stage in Chicago

Last month the singer was pelted with chicken nuggets as fans screamed for him to eat them. Styles, who doesn't eat meat, said to the audience, "I don't eat meat" and he tossed the nuggets back into the crowd.

Another Angle of Bottle Hitting Harry Styles on Stage in Chicago

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