I've said it before, and I'll say it again - it would be very conceited of us to think that we are the only intelligent beings in existence.

With over 3,000 (so far) stars with planets orbiting them having been discovered thus far, we simply do not know if there is intelligent life beyond our solar system.

If there is intelligent life out that, and if they are traveling here to visit us, it is obvious that they are more advanced than we are, at least when it comes to space/intergalactic travel.

Sure, we've visited our moon and sent vehicles to other planets, but sending a human to a planet outside our solar system is still years away. That is what makes me believe that (if any other beings are visiting us) they are more advanced.

via Twitter
via Twitter

What brings this all up? Another sighting of unidentified flying objects, this time near Washington, DC.

Sorry, allow me to correct that: Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (scientists no longer call them UFOs, for the most part).

The latest video comes from the Washington, DC area.


I think that I would be amazed if I ever encountered a slight like this again (yes, I saw some things that have not been explained. One sighting was of a triangle of lights, similar to this sighting), but I hope that I would be able to control my language.

Anyway, what do you think? Military flares? Weather balloons? Drones? A malfunctioning Bat Signal?

Let's hope that whatever/whoever is visiting us from far away intends no harm.

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