Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs, have been the subject of many movies, books, television shows, folklore, and Friday night sleepovers. They are now getting more attention in Washington, D.C.

Earlier this week, some United States Air Force veterans made their way to our country's capital to tell their stories: witnessing UFOs while on duty.

According to Military.com, the veterans spoke at the National Press Club conference, and they all shared their stories that happened back in the 1960s.

One veteran shared with the group that several men stationed in North Dakota at a nuclear missile silo witnessed a UFO hovering over the site. While the UFO was hovering, airmen told him that 10 of the missile silos in the area "went down", meaning something took them offline. This event occurred in 1966.

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Another veteran that spoke shared a story that occurred In 1967 in Montana. He says that he was deep underground in the silo control center when he got a call from a panicked airman above ground who described seeing a large red glowing object hovering at the front gate. That facility experienced missiles going down, being taken offline, by something. Coincidence?

Yet another Air Force veteran shared an account of his experience at an Air Force base in California in 1964. He was tasked with setting up a zoom camera to capture the launch of a rocket. During the launch, the veteran saw a UFO enter the frame, circle the rocket, and shoot lights at it before slipping out of the frame.

These are just 3 stories of many that are told by veterans who have "seen things" who feel comfortable enough to share. We may never know how many stories of UFO sightings have gone to the grave.

Many people who claim to have seen UFOs are ridiculed, and veterans are no exception. One of the above veterans said that he held on to the story for over 40 years, afraid to come forward until now. What prompted him to come forward? I would guess it is the willingness of others to share their story. That, combined with the more recent reports of Navy pilots seeing Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (formerly: UFOs). Many of these sitings have been captured on video and have been acknowledged by the powers that be in D.C.

Do I believe in UFOs? I think that it would be very conceited of us to think that we are alone. With so much unkown out there beyond our atmosphere, who is to say that there aren't other civilizations?

When I was serving in the military in Europe, I, too, witnessed something during late-night guard duty: 3 objects darting across the sky in a manner not consistent with any aircraft known at the time, or even to date. I don't know what they were, but I know that they were much more advanced than any technology at the time.

I believe that there have been reports of UFOs for many years now that have been kept from the public for one reason alone: to prevent panic.

If we ever do make contact, I hope that none of the UFOs have watched any of our news programs. If they have, they'll never believe that we come in peace.

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