Many on social media are reporting that they are seeing military-type aircraft over Louisiana and they are not wrong.

Yes, if you've seen large planes that resemble military or civilian-style planes over Louisiana today (March 6, 2024) your eyes are not deceiving you.

According to the Advocate, The North American Aerospace Defense Command is conducting a training exercise over Louisiana, thus that is why you may see F-15s and other large planes in the sky today.

There is no need to panic, these types of drills or exercises take place all the time, so don't let a conspiracy theorist alarm you.

Performing such drills, allows pilots and those on the ground to test equipment and polish up their skills when it comes to protecting the air space that it polices.

A friend of mine who is in the Air Force says that they are required to be in the sky for a set number of hours for drills each week and that you may see military-type aircraft any day.

In the report by the Advocate, it is noted that NORAD, which protects the skies over Canada and the continental United States reports that citizens in Louisiana would likely see aircraft overheard while they perform drills.

Again, you need not be alarmed if you see any military aircraft overhead. Just know that they are training to protect you and me and that we are protected by the best the world has to offer.

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