One thing LSU's star gymnast Oliveia Dunne has mastered is social media and now the internet is talking about a recent video from a NASCAR event.

Dunne recently attended Nashville Superspeedway, and while there she posted a video with two U.S. Servicemen.

In the video, the star gymnast from LSU announced that her pronouns are "U-S-A."

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The LSU GYMNAST was welcomed to the NASCAR event by many, and she even found the time to support the LSU Tigers in Omaha.

At both of her appearances, she was seen interacting with fans and even signing autographs for some in attendance.

Dunne has a massive following on Instagram and as of last count, she is the highest-paid collegiate female athlete in the country when it comes to scoring NIL payments.

Here's the video of Dunne at the NASCAR event and with the two servicemen.

In addition to her some of her recent success within the LSU gymnastics team, Dunne also posted in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

She elected to do so because she knows so many young girls look up to her, and she says they too follow the magazine.


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