Multiple people have taken to Twitter to post pictures and videos of UFO activity off of the southern California coast.

Several people posted photos and videos of what appeared to be the same or very similar set of orange-ish lights.

One person even said the lights "changed shape" at one point.

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Reports of the sightings hit Twitter last night and, as usual, many people dismissed the sightings with "must be military planes" or "probably drones".

But some are convinced that these objects are other-worldly.

People in a roughly 100-mile span could see the lights, from north of Newport Beach, California, to south of Tijuana, Mexico.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

Most people were reporting 2 - 6 orange lights off of the coast. The coolest shot in the Twitter thread came from someone at Mission Beach in San Diego.

Again, several people claim that the lights are military flares but, unless flares have changed drastically over the past few years, these things don't behave like flares.

Most flares are either shot into the sky or dropped from aircraft and, suspended by parachutes, drop from the sky within minutes.

Reports of these lights began just after 10pm PT and continued until midnight.

I don't know of any flares that last that long.

Another interesting post came from Twitter user Unknown2296:

He says that air traffic maps show that military aircraft were sent to the area after the reports came in.

That could mean one of 2 things: either the military was scrambled because of the "unidentified" lights, or it really was a military exercise and the military aircraft were sent to the area as part of that exercise.

So what do you think? Aliens?

Feng Li, Getty Images Entertainment

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