According to reports, one lane of Ambassador Caffery Parkway in Lafayette will be shutdown for approximately five months as repairs to the sound-wall lining the road are underway. Those daily closures of the outside, northbound lane on Ambassador will happen between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. per the report.


When Will Ambassador Lane Closures Begin?

That report adds that the repairs to the sound-wall between Congress Street and Curran Lane will begin on Monday, October 25. The expectation is that repairs will last at-least until March of 2022.

This means that for the foreseeable future, anyone traveling northbound on Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette could expect some significant stalls as work is underway in the middle of the workday.

In an assumed effort to avoid too many traffic problems, the lane will be open up until 9 a.m. to allow morning traffic to proceed normally. Likewise, the lane will reopen at 4 p.m. to allow 5 o'clock traffic to flow more freely.


Why is there always construction on Ambassador Caffery?

Those who frequently traverse Ambassador Caffery know very well of the traffic issues that plague the busy thoroughfare, whether that be a consequence of construction or just a plethora of vehicles.

Work was recently completed near the Ambassador intersection with Dulles Drive, as a turning lane was added. That project will hopefully give traffic the opportunity to flow more freely, but with the daunting project of repairing the sound wall ahead - drivers in Lafayette should expect more mid-day snags along Ambassador.

In the report, Lafayette Consolidated Government Chief Communications Officer Jamie Angelle was quoted in relation to the necessary repairs to the Ambassador sound wall. "Structural damage has occurred from vehicle crashes, and the wall requires maintenance considering it was installed 14 years ago in 2017", said the CCO.

While the necessary repairs will be good for those living in the neighborhood that lines Ambassador Caffery, the outside lane closure next to the wall could create some frustration for midday drivers.

With progress comes growing pains and as the city of Lafayette grows, this is simply one of the necessary actions local government is taking to continue keeping residents and drivers safe.

See the report from @KLFY on Twitter below.

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