Crews have erected several power poles near a busy intersection in Lafayette, LA and now many are asking what's going on.

I was recently sitting at the intersection of Bertrand Dr. and Congress when I noticed LUS crew members erecting several power poles near Cajun Field. I knew that they weren't being set up for power lines, so I looked more into what they were doing.

As it turns out, crews were setting these poles up for a future competition in Lafayette.

Yes, the poles are being set up near the busy intersection in Lafayette as LUS prepares to host "The Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo" in April.

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According to the LUS website, this competition and training will happen on April 6th starting at 7 am with an opening ceremony, and the rodeo is scheduled to start that morning at 8.

Linemen from across the region will converge near Cajun Field for some training and friendly competition, which seems quite the attraction looking at the number of poles that have been set in the ground already.

So, if you have a kid or perhaps you're interested in viewing this, note the date and times mentioned above and get out there to see some of the best compete in various skills.

As a Public Service Announcement, don't let the poles or competition in April distract you while on the road near Cajun Field. Sure, it may be tempting to watch this competition while at the intersection, but if you must, please park in the nearby parking areas to witness this great event.

Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect to see in Lafayette on April 6th.


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