Lafayette, Louisiana governmental officials say it is time to start placing barricades along the parade route.

It's Mardi Gras time in Acadiana, and a part of the splendid excitement is a bit of responsibility. It's time for the barricades to go up along the parade route in Lafayette.

According to Lafayette Consolidated Government, the barricades will begin going up this Thursday, February 1, and will continue through Friday, February 2.

Parade Barricades
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The barricades will go up at the beginning of the parade route at Jefferson, Simcoe, and Surrey streets and follow along the Lafayette parade route. The first day the barricades will be placed along the route through the intersection of Vermilion and Johnston Streets.

Public Works employees will continue putting up the barricades starting Friday morning at Vermilion and Johnston Streets and going all the way to Gate 1 at Cajun Field.

Officials with LCG remind everyone that as the barricades go up you can still travel these roadways and all turning lanes and intersections will be open.

Mardi Gras Parade Barricades
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They also remind us we will need to be patient. It's recommended that you consider using an alternate route on Thursday and Friday to get where you are going. If you are going to use the same route, it's suggested that you allow more time to get to your destination.

According to the Lafayette Police Department, roadways and intersections will close down one hour before the start of each parade. On Saturday evening, the start of the Rio parade is at 6:30.

After the parade has been wrapped and the roads are clear of people, they will reopen the roadways.

Johnston Street Parade Route
Johnston Street near UL (Staff Photo)

The same scenario will then play out for next weekend's parade schedule. On Thursday, February 8, crews from the Lafayette Public Works Department will begin the same routine will placing the barricades in the streets along the parade route. The work continues through completion on Friday, February 9.

Following Mardi Gras Day, workers will begin to remove the barricades on Thursday, February 15, and will complete the job on Friday, February 16.

It takes a considerable amount of work to make Mardi Gras happen in Lafayette. Here are some interesting facts about things related to Mardi Gras in the Hub City:

Mardi Gras Beads
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The Public Work Department places 5,500 barricades along the parade route and adjacent areas. 

The Public Works Department has to use 8, 30-year roll-off dumpsters to get rid of trash.

The Public Works Department places 122 portable toilets along the parade route in Lafayette.

Lafayette's parade route is 3.9 miles. 

Click here for a complete list of parades in Lafayette.

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