LUS Fiber Expanding To Youngsville, Broussard
Lafayette Utility Sytems announced today that its fiber optic communications sytem will be available in developemnts in Youngsville and Broussard.
“When we first proposed LUS Fiber, we sought to provide Lafayette residents and businesses with the best telecommunications products and services av…
LUS Offers Help To Cool Down Our Electric Bill
Three things we can count on in summer in south Louisiana: mosquitoes, heat, and a higher electric bill. There's not much we can do about the first two, but LUS offers a free service that may help you keep the cost of cooling off down down and make you more eco-friendly. There's even an o…
The Snake Did It
LUS Director Terry Huval has informed KPEL 96.5 that a snake was responsible for the estimated 2,000 Lafayette residents who were left without power for nearly an hour Tuesday night.

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