A Lafayette officer who was driving down Ambassador Caffery in the southbound lanes was hit by a driver traveling in the opposite direction.

The officer had a green light on his lane of travel, which was confirmed by two witnesses, but the other driver was taking a left turn.

The other driver taking that turn turned into the officer's car.

The officer's car left the roadway and hit a utility box and a private fence.

The officer was not hurt and initially, the driver of the other vehicle said he was not hurt.

A little later on, that driver said he was having some pain in his left hand, and he was taken to UHC.


While details are limited, there was a crash of a Lafayette Police Department vehicle this morning on Ambassador Caffery near Bonair Drive.

As far as what injuries the officer might have sustained, KADN report dispatchers say they are not clear on that right now.

Witnesses at the scene say it's possible the officer was following after a vehicle when another vehicle then cut off the police cruiser.

We will bring you details of the officer's injuries as that information becomes available.

The police vehicle ended up crashing into a fence and the vehicle ended up in the yard of the residence adjacent to Ambassador Caffery.

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