Those in Tiger Stadium did it again.

Over 100,000 Garth Brooks fans packed Tiger Stadium Saturday night and fans in Baton Rouge did it again.

According to WBRZ, at about 9:30 pm when Brooks teased his song, "Callin Baton Rouge," the stadium erupted.

It was so loud in the stadium that a small earthquake was actually registered on a seismograph.

An LSU professor, who set up the seismograph, says that when Brooks teased his hit song, a small earthquake was registered. You can see the seismograph reading below.

If you're wondering when the last time a seismograph reading read a small earthquake in Baton Rouge, it was in Tiger Stadium on Oct. 8, 1988, during an LSU/Auburn game.

What a show!

By the looks of the Cajun Ninja's Apple Watch, the effects were felt inside of Death Valley as well.

Check out some of these photos from Baton Rouge.


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