30 years ago a woman caught a guitar pick from Garth Brooks. At a recent Massachusetts show, she tried to return it and got the shock of her life instead.

Garth Brooks Gives Woman Guitar
Facebook Via Jessica Young Cloukey

Woman Returns 30-Year-Old Guitar Pick To Garth Brooks

In 1992 an 8-year-old Jessica Young Cloukey caught a guitar pick from Garth Brooks while she was sitting on her uncle's shoulders in Bangor, Maine.

This past Saturday night at Foxborough Stadium she decided she'd try and return that guitar pick.

Cloukey made a sign that read "Bangor Maine 1992. I’ve saved your guitar pick for 30 years. Do you want it back?"

Garth Brooks saw her sign, and in-between songs read it to the crowd of 70,000.

While he didn't take Cloukey up on her offer, he did give her another one in appreciation of her offer.

Then he also gave her his capo.

Then he went ahead and just gave her his guitar.

Oh, and then she got to go backstage after the show and get it autographed.

Garth Brooks Foxborough Stadium
Facebook Via Jessica Young Cloukey

From KPLC.com -

"I don’t know who pulled strings or what happened, but we were able to be out back when he came offstage. It’s etched in my mind. I’ll always remember it.

He came over and he signed the guitar. He talked about Bangor. He remembered Bangor!"

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