Kenny Loggins' new book "Still Alright" is set to come out June 14, and apparently he's far from forgotten his early 90s issues with Garth Brooks over "Standing Outside the Fire".

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Kenny Loggins 'Still Alright'

Multi-platinum songwriter and recording artist Kenny Loggins is currently making the promotional rounds for his new book "Still Alright" out on June 14, 2022.

In his memoir, Loggins talks about his storied career, pill addiction, and much more including his early 90s feud and lawsuit over Garth Brook's "Standing Outside the Fire".

In 1991, Kenny Loggins and his guitarist Guy Thomas wrote the song "Convictions of the Heart".

Garth Brooks subsequently released "Standing Outside the Fire" in 1993.

OK so, what's the big deal?

Well, when Loggins and his co-writer Thomas heard "Standing Outside the Fire" they thought it sounded way too similar to the song they wrote and released two years earlier.

In a recent interview with Page Six, Loggins says instead of immediately suing Brooks he opted to talk it over him in hopes they could figure something out without lawyers instead.

From -

"When confronted, Brooks readily admitted he copied the song. So Loggins suggested that he and his co-writer should be getting a percentage from the monster hit.

Brooks refused to continue the conversation, so Loggins and Thomas sued him for $5 million."

When the court date arrived, Loggins says that Brooks showed up with an acoustic guitar to play the song and plead his case to the judge.

According to Loggins, that didn't happen.

Instead the judge called both Loggins and Brooks into his chambers and allegedly when it was all said and done, Brooks agreed to settle.

The exact amount of that alleged settlement remains undisclosed.


Listen to both songs below and decide for yourself.

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