We are following this developing story out of Rayne.

The Rayne Police Department announced on social media Thursday afternoon that they are investigating an incident at St. Joseph Church.

According to their post on Facebook, the Rayne Police Dept was notified early Thursday morning of skeletal remains left near the church entrance in the city of Rayne.

Along with the bones found on the side of the church, the Rayne P.D. says that a note with symbols on it was left too.

Chief Stelly says, "Our priority is to identify the remains and understand the circumstances surrounding their placement at the church. This is a highly unusual situation, and we're treating it with the gravity it deserves,"

In addition to the bones and note left near the church in Rayne, other items that may have come from a nearby grave were also found on the church grounds.

The Rayne Police Dept. is asking the public if they saw anything out of the ordinary near the church to call them at (337) 334-4215 or the local Crime Stoppers line at (337) 789-TIPS.

At this time, the Rayne P.D. does not beleive that this incident has put anyone in the city in danger, but additional patrol units will be in the area of this disturbing discovery.

The Acadia Parish Coroner’s Office is assisting the police department in this investigation.


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