Ok, coffee drinkers, you know good and well that when you wake up in the morning it’s one of the first things that comes to mind. You can’t wait to take a sip of a delicious hot cup of coffee. Whether you like regular, flavored, sweet or just plain black, there is one thing that can ruin it all and that is BITTERNESS. Talk about ruin your morning vibe, right? I know it ruins mine. I had a bitter cup yesterday and was on a mission to find out WHY. Why is it that sometimes our coffee tastes bitter? There are a several things that could be causing your coffee to have that unpleasant taste. According to Java Presse, bitterness in coffee is the result of 21 known sources. Caffeine, certain acids, proteins, and alcohols are some of the main contributors to bitterness, but chlorogenic acid is the primary source. According to Atlas Coffee Club, here are some things we can avoid when we make our coffee to prevent bitterness, or shall I say, make the bitterness better.

Six Reasons Your Coffee is Bitter


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