One sure way to beat the heat is to have something to drink, but if you don't drink something hydrating then aren't you missing the purpose?

Sure, we would all love to drink whatever we want when we want, but if you really want to beat the heat there are a few beverages you should consider cutting back on during this heat wave.

Whether it's you or someone close to you, people love to consume energy drinks. It seems that there are a million different choices to pick from, but it's clear they all come with differing levels of caffeine. There is nothing wrong with an energy drink, but if you are having too many of them then you might run into issues.

Energy Drinks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants people to remember that energy drinks can dehydrate you. In fact, the Academy of Pediatrics even says they don't recommend that adolescents even consume them, but some 30-50 percent of this age group do.

During this heat wave, it might be a good idea to consider cutting back on energy drinks until the weather improves.


Coffee is a delicious way to start your morning or even end your day. It seems like we have coffee shops all over Acadiana. Coffee can give you the pep in your step that you need.

What about coffee drinking during a heat wave? A few cups of coffee are fine, but it's when you consume more than a moderate amount of coffee that your body likely will get dehydrated.

The key to coffee during hot weather is to simply just drink it in moderation.


One of the most refreshing beverages I can think of during a heat wave is Hibiscus tea. Iced tea is one of the most beloved beverages. It does have plenty of anti-oxidants which is great for overall health.

The only time tea can be an issue when it's hot is if you have a little too much. For the most part, tea can be a good source of hydration but don't overdo it. It's the same for tea as it is coffee, just drink it in moderation.


When it's hot outside often I crave a soft drink. I might enjoy a giant glass of Coke or Fanta Grape soda to quench my thirst, but it might not do the job; especially because I can't seem to drink just one.

According to Beaumont Health, sodium and sugar combine to lead to dehydration especially if you consume many beverages.


One thing we know how to do in Louisiana is have a party. One of the big things that we enjoy in our state is alcohol. One problem with alcohol and heat is dehydration.

Medical News Today reminds us that a bigger consumption of alcohol can dehydrate you. If you're going to do some drinking, why not make sure you have a glass of water in between your beverages?

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