Ever wondered what your name tastes like? Probably not, but I bet you're thinking about it now.

Julie McDowall is a freelance journalist and writer with synesthesia, a.k.a. she can taste words, and she'll tell you what your name tastes like.

According to Julie's Twitter, she's received over 6 millions taste requests since January 29th! So, if you want to know the flavor of your first name you're going to have to pay up. Julie set up a PayPal account encouraging people to donate something to her podcast and she'll "taste three names for you".

If you're wondering what's in store for you if Julie tastes your name here are a few examples:

  • Keith tastes like mint gum
  • Madison tastes like a mix of chocolate and ear wax
  • Sam tastes like tuna fish
  • Sean tastes like furniture polish
  • Wendy tastes like watered-down orange juice

Not gonna lie, I'm a tiny bit concerned as to why Julie knows what ear wax tastes like, but to each his (or her) own.

Take a peek at the full story on Daily Mail's website.

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