"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is a quote one learns in middle or high school and, as it should, it sticks with you for life.

William Shakespeare coined a great phrase to use when teaching the importance of things in life. It doesn't matter what you call something, it is still that thing, and should be appreciated as that thing.

If a rose would have been called a wombat or a phone or a stick, it would still look like, smell like, and grow like a rose, right? (Can you imagine giving a dozen wombats to your sweetheart for Valentine's Day?)

The point I am trying to make here is this: it doesn't matter what something is called, it's still that thing.

So when it comes to pets, the name shouldn't matter but, often times, it does. A cute, tiny Yorkie named Thor or a huge Doberman Pincer named Tweedles somehow just doesn't travel well during the eyes-to-brain-to-mouth journey. It's like seeing your favorite radio disc jockey in person for the first time and being very, very disappointed.

I visited with the staff at Guidry Animal Hospital this week for Mannie's check-up and she received a clean bill of health (save for cataracts, a skin tag on her eye, and the fact she can no longer use her back legs. Other than that, she's fine!). While I was there, I noticed the photos of the dogs on the bulletin board and it got me to thinking about pet names.

While a dog's name can be cute and fitting and unique, experts say that the name should be easy for you to say. They also say that the name should be short and snappy, and limited to 2 syllables for maximum effect.

With all of that being said, we thought we'd share with you some of the names our neighbors have given to their pups.


Not an uncommon name for a dog here in Southwest Louisiana, Roux is the perfect name for a pup of this hue. Or even a slightly darker hue.


I will warn you right now: most of these dog/name pairings, I have found, are close to perfect! A Bernese Mountain? Cooper is just right.


This animal's coat looks so perfect that it might be mistaken for being fake, like a teddy bear, right?


This little guy resembles Shannon's Violet - a terrier mix who might just be slightly skittish around strangers with a letterboard.


The experts are hesitant to recommend "human" names for dogs for a couple of reasons. One is in the case there happens to be an Annie in the room, confusion could set in. The other is this: a human name can elicit an emotional response from loved ones, especially if the human with whom the dog shares its name has passed on. In any case, this Annie is as cute as a button.


This little guy reminds me of my Mannie. Same coloring, same body shape. It looks as if this guy, at 21 weeks, is set to be bigger than Mannie was in her heyday.


Lucie Mae was, at the time of the picture, a tiny lil' thing - but look at those paws! I'm certain she has filled in by now - bless her lil' heart! (Let's face it: Lucie Mae sounds VERY Southern!)


Slap a blonde wig and blue suit on this guy and BAM! Spittin' image!


Remember when your mom would buy the Toughskins jeans from Sears for you when you were in middle school, and the jeans were always just a little too big around the waist and way to long in the inseam? What would she say? "You'll grow into them." That is what we're telling this pup about his name!


Not yet 4 lbs at 7 weeks old? I'm not certain how big this herder-looking pup will get, but the Irish/Scottish name fits well with the breed.


The perfect name for a lap dog! Gracie sounds elegant, yet still playful, and it utilizes the 2-syllable rule.


Here's another one that is going to be gaining a few more pounds before he gets out of high school. Oakley. I've never before heard that name for a pet, but I like it! If they can get him to wear the sunglasses of the same name, they may just have themselves an endorsement deal soon.


Another soon-to-be porker: Mark. According to my calculations, Mark's 46 pounds at 19 weeks figures into about 119 pounds as an adult. That's a solid animal!


Another cutie-pie with a name to match!

Gucci Zanella

Gucci: designer. Zanella: a brand of pants. Something tells me that this lucky little pup will be riding around in an MC purse and have a tennis bracelet as a collar. I asked if the owners had a nitrous oxide leak at the time of naming the dog and Dr. Guidry side-eyed me and told me to be nice. All kidding aside, I'm sure there is an interesting story to go with the name, and: cute pup, no?


I would love to watch this dog run! Seeing the Weiner family, with those long bodies, short legs, and floppy ears run always makes my day! Look at those sweet eyes on Adeline!


Saber = sword. I would love to know more about how the owners settled on this name. I bet it's a great story!


Staff Photo
Staff Photo

This one is a strange breed. A bright, complicated coat, nails that need to be trimmed, and a head too big for his body. He is also not very well trained but will do just about anything for a bite of a chili dog. He's got a solid, 2-syllable name, but Dr. Guidry is a little concerned about the patch of mange on the back of his head.

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