They stepped up.

Watch as a group of good samaritans in Florida come together to stop a vehicle, which was being driven by someone who was having a medical emergency.

The car is moving slowly through a busy intersection when a woman notices that there is a problem.

She immediately ran towards the vehicle, while alerting others as to what was going on.

Boynton Beach Police
Boynton Beach Police

The driver could not stop the slow-moving vehicle as it moved through the intersection, but as more and more people rushed toward the car, they were able to stop it.

Then, you see a few of the good samaritans try to break a window to get to the driver, then someone gives a man an object and they break a window on the car.

The driver was reportedly slumped over the steering wheel once they were able to get to her. Luckily, a nurse was on the scene and provided medical attention to the driver until EMS arrived.

Police say that they shared this video to honor and thank those who stepped up for this woman.

Check out this scary scene from Boynton Beach, Fla.


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