I just renewed my Louisiana fishing license online, and it was so easy!

And, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) will now throw my name into the hat to win a new boat!  Everyone who renews their fishing license online between now and May 31, 2016 will be eligible for the drawing.  All the details can be found at the Fish Louisiana website!

I spoke with Rene LeBreton, Public Information Director for the Fisheries Division of LDWF, and asked him what people who don't hunt and fish can do to help preserve the fish and wildlife in our area.

Purchasing a fishing license helps support all the fishery management tasks in our agency – these dollars help us ensure that our aquatic resources will be available for generations to come.

So even non-anglers who purchase a fishing license, are helping us manage our fishery so they will be healthy for their kids and grandkids.  - Rene LeBreton, LDWF


Even if you don't hunt or fish, you enjoy what Louisiana has to offer, don't you?  Why not do your part in supporting the LDWF and its mission by purchasing a hunting or fishing license?  The monies from those fees help LDWF protect wildlife, ensuring that the alligators, egrets, pelicans - all the creatures that call Louisiana home, will be safer.  It's the least we can do for future generations.