Country star Randy Travis certainly knows of life's ups and downs. He has been at the highest of highs during his recording career. He has also felt the sting of public backlash and shame following his arrest about ten years ago for driving under the influence.

Travis has also felt the power of compassion and prayer as his many fans have reached deep into their hearts to offer prayers and thoughts of support, comfort, and recovery for Travis who suffered a debilitating stroke in 2013.

Yet through all the trials and tribulations of "life" Travis has held steadfast to his belief in a "Higher Power". His faith and spirituality have been echoed in many of his recordings but never was it so eloquently displayed than in Travis' 2002 smash hit, Three Wooden Crosses.

It's those three wooden crosses that Travis and the legions of the faithful in Kentucky are leaning on this morning as that part of the country has been devastated by flash flooding over the past few days. Some reports show the death toll from the fast-rising water at 37 and growing as countless others still remain missing.

Yet, through all the hopelessness, there was a sign of hope, perhaps by grand design that sign was shared by Randy Travis on his social media accounts.

In the comments beneath the picture are the lyrics to Randy's hit Three Wooden Crosses. It's a very poignant reminder that no matter what the world seems to toss in our direction there is always hope.

psi-comprehensive via YouTube
psi-comprehensive via YouTube

To make matters worse forecasters say the area affected by the high water will encounter extremely hot temperatures over the next few days. This, coupled with power outages and damaged infrastructure will likely lead to heat-related emergencies in the affected area.

If you'd like to help those affected by the floods or show your support for first responders there are several avenues you might follow. We do hope that you'll find a way to make a difference that feels right with your soul.

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